ICDC 2021

Why Compete at ICDC?

The International Career Development Conference (ICDC) is one of the most anticipated events for any Collegiate DECA student. ICDC will be held virtually for the first time  from April 17nd – 20th (actual dates are being finalized, but likely in late April). Many students attend ICDC for some of the following reasons:

    • Achieve international recognition in a competitive event
    • Apply their industry knowledge to real world hands-on-learning scenarios
    • Network with Collegiate DECA members and professional members
    • Gain industry knowledge or experience in leadership

Complete the competitor registration below and we will follow-up with you on the next steps to compete at ICDC. Last date to complete the registration and submit your initial deposit is Friday, February 12th.

Conference Update - 02/09/21

Collegiate DECA has announced ICDC will be held virtually this year in April 2021.  You can also track more updated information by visiting Collegiate DECA ICDC FAQ.

While dates for ICDC 2021 are being finalized (will be released in mid-February), we plan to move forward with training virtually as well as setting deposit dates for the registration fee.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at info@unlvdeca.com.


At UNLV DECA, our training has prepared competitors for over 7 years to be the best they can be at Collegiate DECA ICDC. Our training has helped to prepare competitors place on stage as finalists and champions. Our training consists of bringing in professionals from the community who will judge your presentation and provide feedback afterwards in our “Learn from the Pros” session.

Depending on your competitive event:

  • If you’re competing in a prepared event:
    • You’ll be required to attend 3 competition training sessions.
    • Your first session can be a consultation with a professional in the community to hash out your ideas.
    • Your next session will be presenting your presentation with a judge who will go over the grading rubric.
    • Your 3rd session will require you to have your draft prepared material ready for a judge to review followed by another practice round with your presentation.
  • If you’re competing in a case study (individual and case study):
    • You will be required to attend 3 practice sessions where you’ll go through the prep (individual – 30 minutes | teams – 60 minutes) and present to a judge. Afterwards, the judge will score your presentation and provide feedback to you.
    • If you’re competing on your own, we will ask you to complete one session with a practice exam in preparation for your upcoming exam.
  • All competitors will go through a final round closer to ICDC in our mock “SCDC (State Career Development Conference)”

We are excited to announce that there is no qualifier. If you competed in high school DECA, UNLV DECA does not have a State Career Development Conference (SCDC). Since we are the only active chapter in Nevada Collegiate DECA, any competitor who wishes to compete at ICDC can compete at ICDC. We require all competitors to go through our training so you’re more prepared to win at ICDC.

We are transitioning our ICDC training to video conferencing in live time. You can expect to present to your judge over webcam in business casual (business professional required for our mock SCDC) and also receive verbal feedback from your judge after your presentation.

You can only select one event to compete in. There are opportunities to compete in other types of events such as Entrepreneurship Challenge which is outside of your actual competition.

Practice, practice, practice! We plan to offer more competition camps so while you are required to attend 3, we encourage you to choose more so you’ll have more time to practice. It’s important to also stay up to date with your industry that your competitive event focuses on. You can also use National’s library of competitive events to train as well. Make sure to study those performance indicators!

At a physical Collegiate DECA ICDC, “Learn from the Pros” is a session where after all of the competitors compete, the competitors will gather around their judge(s), and the judge(s) will talk about what they liked and what they saw were improvements. Based on the feedback, you can guess whether or not you’ll be placing and moving to the next round the next day.

Our “Learn from the Pros” is a 15 minute feedback session where your judge will go over their scores for each performance indicator. It is also an excellent time to ask questions or bounce ideas to improve your performance for next time.

Payment Schedule

UNLV Collegiate DECA will provide as many opportunities to fundraise to decrease the cost of ICDC. Additionally, your officer team is exploring other resources. As more funds come in and the more money you raise through our fundraisers, you may receive a reimbursement check if you overpaid in deposits. If you would like to pay in cash or check, please contact info@unlvdeca.com before the respective due dates. All transactions on Paypal include fees that Paypal takes from each transaction.

The following payment schedule is as follows:

  • $50 Deposit by 02/12/21
  • $75 2nd Deposit on 03/12/21
  • Remaining Balance due in April 2021
ICDC 2021 Deposits


UNLV Collegiate DECA provides practice by facilitating competition camps or mentoring sessions where students can hear judge’s feedback on their performance. Preparing for competition would not be possibly without the support and time of our community members. Our students are passionate and eager to learn everything they can about their chosen industry track and would love to hear your expertise about the business world. Help us shape the future leader’s of tomorrow and register to be a judge.