ENGAGE is an exciting professional development experience. Through networking opportunities, career development seminars, and in-depth industry tours, ENGAGE attendees will leave feeling confident and ready to conquer their career goals, whatever they may be!

This year’s ENGAGE Conference will be held in Kansas City, Missouri!

Complete the conference registration below and we will follow-up with you on the next steps to attend ENGAGE. Last date to complete the registration is by 11:59 PM on Friday, October 13th. By Saturday, October 14th, we will email you the expected costs based on who is attending.

Conference Costs

The following items are the projected costs for ENGAGE 2023:

Number of Members 1 2 3 4
Conference Registration Fee $160.00 $160.00 $160.00 $160.00
Hotel Stay + Tax* $424.00 $212.00 $141.33 $106
Flight** & Transportation $300 $300 $300 $300
Total Costs $884 $672 $601.33 $566

*Hotel stay can be reduced if more members of the same gender stay in the same room (up to 4). Please see FAQ- Rooming for more details.

**Flights for ENGAGE may be purchased on your own. Please see FAQ – Flights for when to arrive and suggested travel. Transportation to and from the airport to the hotel will be covered if you choose the chapter to purchase you flight ticket. If you choose to purchase your own flight, transportation may be on your own if your flight arrival/departure time is roughly not the same.


Members can decrease their price if the same genders attend the conference. The maximum amount of people in the hotel room is 4.

If you choose to purchase a flight with the chapter, we have determined the following  nonstop Southwest flights will be purchased:

  • LAS -> MCI: 11/02 departing Las Vegas at 5:25 AM and arriving in Kansas City at 10:05 AM
  • MCI -> LAS: 11/04 departing Kansas City at 6:40 PM and arriving in Las Vegas at 7:45 PM

If you choose to purchase your own flight, please make sure to arrive on 11/02 in Kansas City. If you’re leaving on Saturday, please make sure to leave after the closing ceremony.

Your officer team is working on providing ways to decrease the cost with upcoming fundraisers. You may receive a reimbursement pending on any grants the team submits past the ENGAGE conference.

Sadly not. All members need to communicate with their professors if they miss class that day. UNLV DECA will provide a letter informing your participation at ENGAGE, but it is up to you to communicate and make any arrangements with your professors.

Payment Schedule

UNLV Collegiate DECA will provide as many opportunities to fundraise to decrease the cost of ENGAGE. Additionally, your officer team is exploring other resources. As more funds come in and the more money you raise through our fundraisers, you may receive a reimbursement check if you overpaid in deposits. If you would like to pay in Venmo or check, please contact deca@unlv.edu before the respective due dates. All transactions on Paypal include fees that Paypal takes from each transaction.

The following payment schedule is as follows with documents submitted:

Date Payment Amount Documents
10/13/23 by 11:59 PM $160 Deposit or flight itinerary sent to deca@unlv.edu Complete UNLV DECA ENGAGE Registration Form
10/20/23 $250 Deposit
10/27/23 $250 Deposit
11/01/23 Final Payment
ENGAGE 2023 Deposits