Vice President of Finance Bio

Bryan Riley

Bryan D Riley is a sophomore majoring in Accounting at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. When graduating, he felt like he had no direction or plan, especially with the state of the world at the time.

However, keeping some optimism, he decided that joining some clubs would help to remedy that. After stumbling through a variety of different options, DECA stood out to him as something interesting. When he joined DECA during his freshman year, he not only found a surprisingly enjoyable career path, but a sense of direction he hadn’t had before. From the welcoming social settings to the meaningful work they did, even down to the food at the meetings, Bryan felt DECA wasn’t just a club, it was an opportunity to be better and find something he could really enjoy doing, and feel at home while doing it. While he wasn’t too involved his freshman year, he slowly brought himself into more and more of the organization, until applying for a coordinator position his sophomore year to finally start paying forward all of the benefits DECA had given him.

After obtaining that position and working closely with the officer team for the majority of that year, Bryan went on to apply for the Vice President of Finance position, believing he could truly do his best work from within the officer team, and was elected at the end of sophomore year. Now, he does everything he can to ensure the club is not only a welcoming environment, but one that has the time and the finances to provide for every member as best as possible.