Vice President of Competitive Development Bio

Courtlynne Cowan

Courtlynne Cowan could not be more excited to serve as your Vice President of Competitive Development. She is currently a junior majoring in Hospitality Management with a concentration in Meetings and Events. She has been involved with DECA since freshman year of high school and with each new year comes many new friendships, lessons, and memories that keep her hooked and coming back for more. This is her fifth year serving as a chapter officer for this organization; second at the Collegiate level.

She has spent the last six years in search of what her fellow members know as “DECA Glass” (the name for the trophies given to the top three in each event at the International Career and Development Conference). Last year her hard work and dedication paid off as she came home with a third-place finish in Hotel Lodging Management, thus bringing her the highly coveted DECA glass! Courtlynne is back this year looking to take her experience and channel it into the position of VP of Competitive Development as well as upgrade her third-place trophy to a first-place trophy in Atlanta this coming April.

DECA is and always will be a huge part of her life, however, she also has many other hobbies and interests. If Courtlynne is not on campus you will typically find her at Pole Position Raceway as a Customer Service Representative, where she has the best job in the world. Courtlynne is a huge lover of all things auto racing, specifically NASCAR, which is an auto racing organization here in the U.S. that she dreams of working for. She also enjoys binge-watching television, listening to country music, attending concerts, attending auto races, and long-distance running. Courtlynne looks forward to another incredible year in DECA and a wonderful trip to Atlanta.