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October 2015

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Help keep the UNLV DECA community informed

UNLV DECA needs your help to help keep our community informed about all of the wonderful projects and events we’re involved in! This blog serves as a home base for such information and is read by members, alumni and even business professionals.

We’re looking for a variety of interesting content, including event recaps, tips for members and other chapters, leadership lessons and more. Your submissions will also be sent to DECA Direct, our national organization’s official news source. Along with a national audience, this also checks off one of the requirements for the national Passport Program, even if it does not end up getting published!

Guidelines for article submissions are as follows:

  • Members who want to submit DECA Direct articles as part of Passport or Social Media Correspondent programs should contact VP of Marketing to come up with a plan for article topic, content and format.
  • If members interested in completing a program/award that requires article submission do not take initiative to contact VP of Marketing, we will contact you. We may also contact you if we need an article on a particular topic or event and feel you may be a good fit for it.
  • Authors will be guided through coming up with a topic and approach to help improve chances of being published on DECA Direct.
  • If, after being contacted and accepting the assignment & due date, you do not complete by the due date, the topic will be given to another member and original assignee must take initiative to contact VP of Marketing to be assigned another article.
    • If an emergency comes up and you cannot complete your assignment on time, you must contact the VP of Marketing at least 24 hours in advance to be granted an extension.
  • AFTER SUBMISSION: VP of Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator will review & edit for content, grammar and mechanics.
    • If significantly more research and information are needed to improve the article, the author will be contacted and must make edits within 48 hours to guarantee they can keep that assignment.
    • If article can be edited without having to be almost completely rewritten, it will be accepted & sent to DECA Direct and added to the blog if content is suitable.

Any questions should be directed to Bianca Cseke, VP of Marketing, or Blaze Lovell, Public Relations Coordinator.