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Applebee’s Hosts ICDC Fundraiser

By: Ryan Arinas

UNLV DECA members had the opportunity to manage a restaurant for a morning to raise money for their trip to ICDC.

Volunteers had the option of being a host or a server at the Applebee’s on Maryland Parkway for the breakfast fundraiser. The menu included pancakes, eggs, sausages and the guests’ choice of a drink (non-alcoholic of course)!

Not only did the event benefit UNLV DECA as a fundraiser, but members also gained valuable leadership and management skills that are crucial to running a successful restaurant. These skills may also be applied to other career fields members wish to pursue.

By interacting with guests, members practiced their people and communication skills, leaving those who attended happy and satisfied. The event also taught them a valuable lesson in teamwork and collaboration. Working towards a common goal certainly brought everyone together run a great restaurant.

Members also learned from the employees working at Applebee’s. They met some servers that have worked at Applebee’s for 20 years. The servers passed on their knowledge about improving communication and collaboration skills, adding to what members learned first-hand while serving at the fundraiser.

Many members took this experience as a great way to practice their coordination, collaboration and communication skills. Physical and mental coordination brought UNLV DECA to its feet to execute another successful event!

We would like to thank Applebee’s for giving their time and resources to help UNLV DECA make it to ICDC.