ICDC 2020

Why Compete at ICDC?

The International Career Development Conference (ICDC) is one of the most anticipated events for any Collegiate DECA student. ICDC will be held in Atlanta, Georgia,  from April 22nd Р25th. Many students attend ICDC for some of the following reasons:

  • Achieve international recognition in a competitive event
  • Apply their industry knowledge to real world hands-on-learning scenarios
  • Network with Collegiate DECA members and professional members
  • Gain industry knowledge or experience in leadership
  • Travel to another city in the U.S.

Complete the competitor registration below and we will follow-up with you on the next steps to compete at ICDC. Last date to complete the registration and submit your initial deposit is Saturday, January 25th.

Payment Schedule

UNLV Collegiate DECA¬†will provide as many opportunities to fundraise to decrease the cost of ICDC. As more funds come in and the more money you raise through our fundraisers, you may receive a reimbursement check if you overpaid in deposits. If you would like to pay in cash or check, please contact [email protected] before the respective due dates. All transactions on Paypal include fees that Paypal takes from each transaction.

The following payment schedule is as follows:

  • $200 Non-Refundable Deposit by 01/30/20
    • This deposit covers your flight booking. If you are choosing to book your own flight, we will be arriving on Wednesday, April 22nd. Please forward your flight itinerary to [email protected] by February 3rd.
  • $250 2nd Deposit on 03/06/20
  • $250 3rd Deposit on 03/27/20
  • Remaining Balance due in April 2020
ICDC 2020 Deposits


UNLV Collegiate DECA provides practice by facilitating competition camps or mentoring sessions where students can hear judge’s feedback on their performance. Preparing for competition would not be possibly without the support and time of our community members. Our students are passionate and eager to learn everything they can about their chosen industry track and would love to hear your expertise about the business world. Help us shape the future leader’s of tomorrow and register to be a judge.