Vice President of Technology Bio

Samer Youssouf

Samer Youssouf is currently a fourth-year University of Nevada Las Vegas Honors College student majoring in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Samer started his DECA journey back in his freshmen year of high school at Southwest CTA. Not only was he looking to improve his public speaking skills, but DECA was the first school organization he ever joined. It wasn’t until after the first year that Samer became severe in becoming an active student. Competing in three State Conferences, Becoming a Marketing Communications Series Finalist, and the Southwest CTA DECA Vice President of Publicity in his junior year, Samer enjoyed focusing on the Marketing aspect in competitions and throughout his other activities.

Since joining UNLV, Samer has continued to be an engaging student going into his fourth year at UNLV Collegiate DECA. Even though he has not won DECA Glass, Samer has been able to expand his network with people across the world and even won the EYS Most Active Member Award two years in a row. He enjoys seeing his members from UNLV and members from other chapters succeed and learn together and wants to share that with as many individuals as possible. Samer wishes to develop outside connections with other members and collaborate together on workshop events to help each other become better leaders.

As UNLV Collegiate DECA’s VP of Technology for the 2nd year in a row, Samer hopes to continue to utilize his tech, graphics, and web development skills to make sure their online presence is shown to the world in style. Samer understands that knowing your target audience is essential and wants to use what he has learned from over 7 years of DECA experience to make UNLV’s chapter a place to remember.