Vice President of Marketing Bio

James Rogers

James J Rogers is a Senior in the Business Major at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. After graduating from high school, James wanted more from college and school as he felt disappointed with his high school career. So in his freshman year of college, James decided to join as many clubs as he possibly could. One of those clubs was UNLV DECA. Once the pandemic hit, and the shutdowns began, James had disconnected from the majority of those clubs and grew impatient as he progressed through college without the necessary experiences of a college student. That was until Fall 2021 when he returned to in-person school and then rejoined the UNLV DECA chapter. After getting to know the other DECA members, and attending DECA events such as ENGAGE and various socials, James knew this was a place for him. He fell in love with DECA’s ability to connect people of various backgrounds and allow members to make meaningful and long-lasting friendships. Once James had that fire, he knew he wanted to help the club grow and prosper so that more students could have the same experiences he had in DECA. That drive led him to apply and then became an officer for UNLV DECA, and James hopes nothing more than to achieve his dream of making this club the best DECA chapter.