Vice President of Marketing Bio

Christina McCarty

Christina McCarty is currently a sophomore at UNLV and pursuing a business degree. Christina joined her high school’s DECA program during her sophomore year in Washington. During her senior year, she was honored with being the chapters president as well as the manager for their DECA store inside of their school. As manager, Christina was in charge of every aspect of the business. Christina handled the hiring, kept financial records, ordered products, and managed the store on a day to day basis. This was one of the best experiences she has ever been granted which helped grow her love for DECA. Christina got to compete at her state competitions as well as qualifying for nationals. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic she was not able to attend nationals my senior year. Joining DECA really opened her eyes to the business and hospitality world and it helped her pick her career path. This career path as well as the opportunity to join DECA at the collegiate level helped Christina pick UNLV as a school. Christina wanted to join the officer team to help her make connections and experience in the field she hopes to follow. Getting to help run events and creating marketing materials is great practice and an amazing experience that will help her in the future. Getting this great experience through competing and participating in events hosted by DECA will put any member ahead of all of their competition in the career world. Christina has already obtained many jobs because of her experience and skills she learned through DECA. DECA will help elevate you and teach you more than you could ever learn in school. By giving you real life experience it will prepare you for the jobs ahead and give you the confidence to excel at them.