Administrative Vice President Bio

Ela Rivera

Ela Rivera is currently in her senior year, pursuing a Bachelor’s in Biological Science. Since high school, she has been a long-time member of her DECA chapter and believes that her time spent there has been a memorable experience. Initially, she joined her high school chapter reluctantly only because her friends were recommending it to her. Then, it was networking with other DECA peers and the state officers about how DECA has impacted them, that Ela decided to invest her time in this organization.

For almost eight years of being a part of DECA, she has expanded her network and formed meaningful connections while developing her professionalism and skills in the business world. Her trips are her favorite part of DECA, as she can get to meet and hang out with DECA members not only within this chapter but outside of Nevada.

Being the Chapter President in the previous year, Ela has stepped down to become a right-hand woman once again since the year 2022. She hopes to continue her work in expanding UNLV DECA and continuing its relationships with fellow organizations and businesses. She also hopes that the UNLV chapter will ultimately have a fantastic time being in DECA as much as she has. After all, DECA taught her to get out of her comfort zone and try new things.