About EYS

The Earn Your Spot (EYS) program) was developed in the early years of UNLV DECA to motivate and empower the chapter membership. Points are calculated starting at the end of the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) and will carry over till the next membership year’s ICDC provided that members maintain a dues paying status. From EYS, members have the opportunity to earn various awards at the Chapter Award Ceremony (hosted at the end of the spring semester) as well as qualify for a graduation stole.

Breakdown of EYS Points

Below are all of the ways a member can increase their EYS points with a summary of how these points are awarded. For more details, please refer to our chapter Constitution.

Attend Meetings

(15 points/ meeting)
Receive points for attending the designated chapter meetings. This does not include committee meetings, council meetings, and interest meetings.

Serve as Committee Chair/ Co-chair

(40 points/ committee)
Hold the position as committee chair or co-chair as approved by the overseeing officer.

Attend ICDC

(75 points)
Receive points for attending the Collegiate DECA ICDC.

Obtain A Sponsor

(30 points/ $250)
Gain monetary sponsors for the chapter. Minimum requirement to receive points is $250 either from single or collective sponsor(s).

Recuriting a Member

(10 points/ member that is recruited)
Receive points by having a new paid member submit the recruiting member’s name under the “referred by” question in the membership application or any referral document decided by the officer team.

Volunteer for UNLV DECA Internal Events

(10 points/ hour with a 50 hour cap)
Receive points for volunteering at UNLV DECA internally ran events.

Present for UNLV DECA

(20 points/ presentation)
Present in front of community leaders, UNLV departments, UNLV staff, High school DECA chapters, and UNLV student organizations on behalf of UNLV DECA. Presentation must be approved by the Officer Team to receive points prior to facilitation.

Attend Competition Training

(10 points/ session with a cap at 30 points)
Receive points for participating or attending sessions that is focused on competition preparation.

Serve as Chapter Officer

(50 points/ semester)
Hold a chapter position on the executive board.

Compete/ attend At Other DECA Related Conferences

(120 points/ conference)
Receive points for attending and competing at DECA related conferences.

High School Aumni

(30 points limit to one chapter)
Complete the High School DECA alumni registration for a High School DECA chapter. This information will be verified by the high school chapter.

Complete Surveys

(5 points/ survey)
Points will be awarded for completion of surveys throughout the year.

Volunteer for Outside Community Events

(15 points/ hour with a 50 hour cap)
Receive points for volunteering at outside community service events approved by the VP of Community Relations or the Officer Team.

Active in Committee

(20 points/ committee)
Be involved with a committee planning for an upcoming event. Chair and co-chairs determine if committee members are “Active in Committee”. Chairs and co-chairs are not considered for this award.

Compete at ICDC

(150 points)
Receive points for competing in a challenge or competitive event at the Collegiate DECA ICDC, regardless if you win or not. Points rewarded are determined by the overseeing officer and advisor.

Serve as National Officer

(350 points)
Uphold a National Collegiate DECA officer position.

Complete Individual Leadership Passport

(40 points for BLUE/ 60 points for GOLD)
Complete the individual leadership passport. Points will be given after confirmation from National DECA that your passport meets the specific level requirement.

DECA Direct Articles

(15 points/ article)
Submit an article to VP of Marketing for DECA Direct or other social media channels. An additional 5 points will be added if your DECA Direct Article is published.

Serve as an Executive Council Coordinator

(25 points/ semester)
Receive points for serving as an Executive Council position. Points will be given by the discretion of the executive board.

Breakdown of Ranks

As you increase your EYS points, you’ll get a new title! Please see below for how different titles correlate to your EYS points.

EYS Point Range
0 PTS – 99 PTS
100 PTS – 249 PTS
250 PTS – 399 PTS
400 PTS – 499 PTS
500 PTS – 649 PTS
650 PTS – 799 PTS
800 PTS +


At the Chapter Award Ceremony, members can qualify for 3 different awards from EYS (officers are excluded from these awards).

Most Active Member (MAM)
MAM is awarded to the member who has achieved the highest amount of EYS points by the Chapter Award Ceremony.

Honorable Mention
Honorable Mention is awarded to five members who have achieved the second highest rank by the Chapter Award Ceremony.

Community Service Award
The Community Service Award is rewarded to the member who achieved the highest amount of external community service hours for the membership year.

Graduation Stole

Members who have achieved at least the rank of Team Leader for a minimum of two years will receive a graduation stole at the Chapter Banquet of the member’s graduating year. An exception is made for first year UNLV DECA members graduating in the spring of the membership year will be allowed to be awarded a graduation stole if the graduating member receives Honorable Mention or MAM. Members will be notified by the officer team of when to apply for a graduation stole.

Past Awardees

Community Service Award Recipients

2017 - 2018 Community Service Award

Diana Vuong
86.50 Hours

2013 - 2014 Community Service Award

Tim Kwist
57.50 Hours

2016 - 2017 Community Service Award

Bonnie Lei
78.25 Hours

2015 - 2016 Community Service Award

Michelle Le
114 Hours

2014 - 2015 Community Service Award

Nai Saechao
56.25 Hours

Most Active Member (MAM) Recipients

2017 - 2018 MAM

Diana Vuong
1367.50 EYS Points

2013 - 2014 MAM

Gerard Cana
760 EYS Points

2016 - 2017 MAM

Jahzel Cadavona
1720 EYS Points

2015 - 2016 MAM

Michelle Le
1837.50 EYS Points

2014 - 2015 MAM

Dyan Baguio
1748.75 EYS Points

Honorable Mention Recipients

2017 – 2018 Honorable Mention Recipients

Jasmine Lee
1010 EYS Points

Jahzel Cadavona
865 EYS Points

Christine Villarin
829.50 EYS Points

Oscar Lopez-Huerta
822.50 EYS Points

Courtlynne Cowan
685 EYS Points

2016 – 2017 Honorable Mention Recipients

Marcelle Cruzado
1452.50 EYS Points

Bonnie Lei
1360 EYS Points

James Bumrungjitt
1230 EYS Points

Annie Lu
1095 EYS Points

Ingrid Zarate
1052.50 EYS Points

2015 – 2016 Honorable Mention Recipients

Rochelle Mae Ruiz
867.50 EYS Points

Johana Mendoza
837.50 EYS Points

Blaze Lovell
797.50 EYS Points

Cecilia Yau
712.50 EYS Points

Annie Bellorin
710 EYS Points

2014 – 2015 Honorable Mention Recipients

Jailene Vazquez
1515 EYS Points

April Carrillo
1301.25 EYS Points

Biana Cseke
1246.25 EYS Points

Kriza Dagdag
1175 EYS Points

Nai Saechao
1135 EYS Points

2013 – 2014 Honorable Mention Recipients

Daniela Sanechez
750 EYS Points

Carlos Lemus
715 EYS Points

Cassandra Taylor
645 EYS Points

Daniel Tu
610 EYS Points

Tim Kwist
605 EYS Points