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February 2014

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UNLV Collegiate DECA Works the Nevada DECA State Conference

This February, UNLV Collegiate DECA assisted in the 2013-2014 Nevada DECA State Career Development Conference. A ton of members came out to prep and carry out various tasks to make the conference as much fun as possible, along with holding the first Alumni Reception for current senior class members and other alumni that have graduated in previous years. Volunteers captured the attention of conference staff, high school advisers, and DECA members by the enthusiasm for working the conference, and the ability to go with the flow of how everything was carried out. Their help made a huge difference and had a positive impact for current high school and potential collegiate students.

Being able to collaborate and re connect with the high school sector of DECA was beneficial on both ends. The UNLV Collegiate DECA chapter enhanced their resume by working the conference, and the high school students were encouraged to participate in the coming year’s UNLV Collegiate DECA membership. All in all, it was a success for everyone.